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              400-800-8626 Hotline 400-800-8626
              New green LED
              Novel green light source -LED lighting
              find a market abroad
              Committed to the domestic LED energy-saving lighting renovation
              The reason we choose
              400-800-8626 Hotline 400-800-8626
              Development of new green light source LED products
              management idea
              The pursuit of excellence, excellence, customer thinking thinking
              High quality
              Products are obtained CE, ROHS, FCC, PSE and other related certification
              Wanquan machine optical materials
              Wanquan machine optical materials
              The most powerful domestic manufacturers
              Our products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, South Korea,
              Australia, Hongkong, Taiwan,
              The top import environmental protection PET material
              Development and production of energy saving, energy saving, environmental protection, long life of the LED light source
              Synthesis of nano technology surface coating
              People oriented, to be realistic, to the quality of life, customer development!
              The diversity of products to meet your various needs
              Full participation, full control, go all out, fully implement!
              Rest assured that customer service for your security escort
              Listen to the voice of customers, pay attention to the details of customer needs, continuous improvement!
              Bright Sky Electronics co., LTD

              Bright Sky Electronics co., LTD,founded in 2007, is a hi-tech enterprise which focuses on the design, development, production, sales and service of LED lighting. Our main products include LED car light, LED flood light, LED furniture and led mood light such as LED cube ,led flower pot as well as led strip. These products are al.



              Bright Sky Electronics co., LTD
              Quality: full participation, full control!

              Quality: full participation, full control!

              Go all out, full implementation!



              Seven international development trend of LED lighting

              With a low carbon life, environmental protection concepts and has been extended, sustainable development has been increasingly recognized in the field of lighting, people began to pay attention to the.
              [See details]

                Welcome to join the copolymerization of wealth
                2008, we also started to domestic LED energy-saving lighting transformation and outdoor lighting project design, development and lighting production,
                At present in the country in major cities and regions reflect a good, has been repeatedly praised.
                We welcome the site visits, to negotiate, in the long-term cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit!

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                Wanquan machine optical materials

                Bright Sky Electronics Co., Ltd
                Tel: +86-769-81028887
                Address: NO.6, Xinxing Road, Liujia Industry Park, Hengli Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China  Zip code:523473

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